Ideas to paint and decorate a room red

Well see in search results that many of you enter in to our blog looking forideas on how to paint a room in one color or another. So we like that every time you enter a Thousand Ideas go out satisfied, we have proposed an idea, and bring you each a short time (few days) photos and ideas for painting rooms in different colors .

So start today, and we wanted to open this kind of new section with ideas for painting a room red . then we have compiled a few pictures of rooms painted red , very inspiring that one can draw many ideas for aprovechéis and you light the bulb inside your head to paint your room red.

Well I must say that the red color is very strong, energetic, which shows great vitality and must know how to combine well, then you can eventually cause negative feelings even in our personality. The red color is ideal for energetic people with great vitality, is a great reflection of his personality.

Normal to accompany a strong color like red is to use a neutral color or white, the latter may give a more contemporary feel to the decor.

Rooms are painted red

In these two bedrooms has used the red two very different forms in the first room the red headboard is a stucco , while the second is a wall of red lacquer , and the two rooms accompanied by much white, these would the prototype “perfect” use this color in a room without reloading a lot and well combined with white, as well as you can see it can be painted in many ways, lacquer, plaster, etc. And each has left a beautiful and distinct finish.

Rooms painted in red stripes

Another idea to paint a room red is to do with stripes . Yes, with stripes, horizontal, vertical, wide, thin, deep red, duller red, and as you see it creates a modern atmosphere with lots of color on the walls. But if you look red white always accompanied, as I said before, is that white is the color that best hits the red, cuts its strength and softens your energy, and the decorative combination offered by these two colors is wonderful.

Unpainted red rooms

Well, we’re talking a lot of ideas for painting a room red but you might not fancy but I love to paint and red you just want to give your bedroom a touch of this color but without paint, because as you see it easily achieved. In the first picture was added a red wall next to the bed cover flood the whole room without having to paint red walls. And in the second picture, the whole room is painted and decorated in pure white but with some nice pillows and a blanket at the foot of the bed, the room is white otherwise. This room is a very clear power, energy, strength and vitality that brings this color, with 4 single cushions that completely transforms the environment.

Rooms painted in red and other colors

Well, after seeing painted and decorated with red to a greater or lesser extent and especially combined with white, it must be said that red offers many other combinations with other colors, and although it is recalled that the best colors to match red are the neutral and of course white can also be combined with yellow, blue, gray, and purple and other colors.

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