How to Choose Between Roman Blinds and Roller Blinds

Are you thinking of installing blinds over your window to help block out the scorching rays of the sun? If so, then you might be wondering which ones to buy; simple roller blinds or roman blinds? Each one has its own unique way of uplifting the décor of any room in which it is installed. But before you install either one of them, let’s first take a look at which one will be most suitable for you.

The first thing to focus on is the simple factor of functionality. What is the function which you seek from the use of a blind? The main purpose of installing any type of blind within your home is light control i.e. the extent to which light is allowed to enter your home. If you want a certain level of sunlight to filter through the blinds and then enter your home, then installing roman blinds will be more beneficial for you. If you want less sunlight to permeate the room, then roman shades with blackout linings will work for you; the rays will just peek through the gaps between the window and the blind or through the sides.

However, if you are seeking a blind which completely blocks out sunlight then choosing a roller blind with blackout lining is the best option you’ve got. It will completely shut out any light and you’ll be enveloped in instant darkness, once it has been let down.

Another important factor to consider in the selection of the right blind is the fabric with which it is made of. If it is made out of a fabric which is water resistant and easy to clean using a simple wipe, then installing it over the kitchen window is a good idea.In such a case roller blind work well. On the other handif it is made out of a fancier fabric, then it will be best suited for your living room.In this case roman shades will give the living room a more homely look.

Once you have taken all of these considerations into account, then you can decide whether a roman blind or a roller blind will be best suited for your home and for the purpose for which you are buying them.

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