Don’t Move, Improve Your Heston Home

If you’ve fallen out of love with your home, or outgrown the space, you might be tempted to move out of Heston. The problem is the market isn’t strong right now and many people who leave this area end up regretting their decision.

Heston is perfectly situated for commuters into the city yet it remains a peaceful location that is desirable. Rather than regretting your decision to move, why not consider improving your property and making it work better for you.

Work with Architects to Achieve Life Changing Results

Home improvements are often much cheaper than buying a new home and moving. You can achieve incredible things with the help of architects and builders that will essential transform your property into something that will impress you and everyone who comes to visit.

If you’re considering your options and would like to improve your Heston home we have a few suggestions on what you can do.

Brighten Up the Space

Many homes have dark rooms and these can be depressing. Dark rooms feel claustrophobic and no one enjoys spending time in them. Work with your architect to brighten the home. You can achieve brighter rooms in many different ways such as floor to ceiling windows, entire walls made of double or triple glazed glass, sky lights and adding a Sky Tunnel in Heston homes is now hugely popular.

Add the Extra Rooms You Need

Speak to your local estate agents and ask if there would be any value in adding some extra rooms onto your home. The extra space could be used for any purpose.

Many homeowners like to increase the size of the kitchen as it’s often classed as the most important room in the  house. Making sure there is enough room to eat in the kitchen is a good idea, and adding a conservatory is a wonderful way of bringing the outdoors in, all year round.

In addition to the downstairs space, consider a two storey extension so you’re able to increase the number of rooms you have on the upstairs too. If you’re unable to get permission for a two storey extension, consider building into the loft.

Attic rooms can be transformed into one or two rooms without a huge amount of money being involved. You will require the addition of windows, dormer windows are a good idea, but sky lights will suffice.

Make Better Use of the Garden

Think about how you’re using the outdoor space and how you could make it work better for you and your family. Adding a garage and a driveway is often more convenient than parking on the road and they can make the exterior of the home more appealing.

In the back garden you could take some of the room for a conservatory or add an outdoor building such as a log cabin or summer house. If you hook the additional building up to your electrics it can be used in multiple ways such as a guest room, office space or a hobby room.

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