Trends In Kitchen Floor Design

Kitchen is an important part of a home. This is where the food is prepared and stored. Family members often bond in the kitchen as they made their favorite food together. Some families even entertain guests in their kitchen. Most people have fond memories with their family in the kitchen, as they watch the elder women cook their favorite comfort food.

Often, in kitchen design, flooring is usually being neglected. Choosing the right material for your kitchen is important. Next to it, matching the floor’s design to that of the room itself should be considered as well. You can choose different kinds materials and design of flooring for your kitchen. The only dilemma is to choose the right one that would suit your taste.

So which kitchen floor design should you have in your house? You can find some of most popular kitchen floor designs below that will suit your need.

Choosing The Right Kitchen Floor:

  1. Concrete


  • Concrete floors are energy savers, as it keeps cools during warm season, and warm during cool seasons.
  • It does not easily get broken.
  • It’s easy to change the design by adding carpet or tiles.


  • Concrete floors are heavier that other types of floors.
  • It requires professional installation.
  • Since concrete floors are porous, you will need to apply sealer on it, which may have additional cost
  1. Ceramic Tiles


  • Ceramic tiles are durable and would last a long time.
  • They are easy to clean.
  • You can choose from a variety of colors and design.


  • They can crack when something hard fell on it.
  • Can be slippery if it is moist or if any liquid is spilled on it.

Wooden Floor


  • Wooden floors are tough and strong just like bamboo floor.
  • They can easily be fixed when scratched or dented by sanding it.
  • It is versatile and never goes out of style. It can be matched in any kitchen design.
  • It can add more value to your house as time goes by.


  • As much as possible, you should avoid spills if you choose a wooden floor, as it may damage it.
  • It can be slippery at times.
  • It can make noise when you walk on it.
  1. Linoleum


  • Just like tiles, linoleum comes in different colors and design.
  • You can cut them depending on your floor design.
  • Linoleum is affordable and easy to maintain.


  • Linoleum can wear depending on how long it is installed and how often it is used.
  1. Natural Stones


  • You can be sure that your floor is unique, since it varies in color.
  • It can create a classic look for your kitchen.
  • Natural stone flooring are durable and can last for a long time.
  • They require minimal maintenance.


  • Stone flooring can be quite expensive.
  • Some stones can be soft or porous, and may require protective sealing.
  1. Laminate Flooring


  • It is much cheaper than wooden flooring.
  • It requires minimal maintenance, and can be cleaned easily.
  • Laminate floors are easy to install.


  • Once scratched, it can chip off and needs to be replaced right away.

You can check your nearest hardware store or home depot to see the type of floor that you will need for your kitchen. You can even check the stores online to have an idea on how each type of floors would look like. Remember, design and type of material should always be considered when choosing your kitchen floors.

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