5 Bed Pillows and Their Benefits You Should Know About

Not many people know about the different benefits that a pillow can provide, to get you a nice sound sleep. There are so many varieties of pillow, each offering unique set of benefits. The pillow you use plays an important role in making you feel refreshed when you get up in the morning.

We often don’t spare a lot of time on buying pillows. However, by knowing the different options available in pillows, you will be able to plan your best sleep ever. Below are the 5 different types of pillows that you must be aware of in choosing the most appropriate one for your sleep. You can get all of these in Booths Furniture, providing a wide range of quality home furnishing products.

  • Memory Foam Pillows: People, who sleep in side and back postures, will find this pillow to be very comfortable. The design of this pillow is very heat sensitive, which will provide gentle support to your neck and head. You could identify these pillows by their ability to mould in any shape. If you fold these pillows, it will spring back to its original form. These are available in different densities. . However, high density is supposed to be more relaxing, and better in quality.
  • Latex Pillows: Latex pillows are very spongy and they provide great support. Natural Latex is used inside the pillow as filling, along with perforations. Perforations help in maintaining a constant temperature during the night, by preventing heat and moisture to form. They are very soft and cozy in feel.
  • Buckwheat Pillow: Stomach sleepers will find these pillows to be very appropriate according to their posture. Even side and back sleepers can use this. This pillow is meant for all the three types of sleepers because it is very adjustable. As the name suggests, it is stuffed with natural hulls of Buckwheat. Buckwheat hulls helps in adjusting the pillow shape as and when you keep moving your head or sleeping position. They are thermodynamic in nature, which helps in keeping a constant temperature overnight.
  • Body Pillows: Especially for pregnant women, it can be a great choice along with side sleepers. Some people love sleeping sidewise, but because of their arm-weight the chest gets compressed. Due to this, after sometime the side position starts getting uncomfortable. With body pillow, you can enjoy sleeping sideways for as long as you want. It prevents the chest from getting compressed by giving support to the arms. These are very long. You might need a separate pillow for your head.
  • Magnetic Therapy Pillows: This type of pillows is embedded with magnets. The magnets create a magnetic field surrounding your neck and head while you are asleep. Along with comfort, it also provides therapy for neck pains. It even facilitates better breathing by keeping the sinus passage clear. People who feel congestion during sleep can get relief by using Magnetic therapy pillows.

Choosing the right pillow is very essential in order to get a nice sleep, and wake up with rejuvenation. There are many body functions that happen while we are asleep. If we are not ensuring proper sleep, then we might even face health issues indirectly or directly associated with sleep.

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