I have been travelling a lot.

Searching for ideas and kicks. The new record is mostly about girls and boys in exotic locations.

Primarily the Gold Coast. Which is tres exotic as you all know

so pretty

Apparently if a cyclone ever hits the Gold Coast they are toast. And the footy teams are struggling. So it feels like edge city to me right now. Ripe for some good old Lou Reed style rock exposé. I know Gaslight Radio have written quit poetically about the Gold Coast ( see ‘Tina from Robina’ etc) but hey, i did my time rehearsing at the back of Burleigh too. Got out of there as soon as i could.


I know it’s taking a long time. I’ve gone from minimal to opus and now i’m heading back to minimal

It feels a little silly to be hanging out in Melbourne seeing a bunch of tremendously entertaining and uncluttered bands ( Dick Diver, Full Ugly, Twerps, Batpiss etc)

King of Melbourne

and then busting out a mega tooled prog epic again

Dan Kelly

not that i care what the folks think :)

And by the time this fucker actually comes out everyone will probably be sounding like Def FX again anyway

anyway that’s not much of a blog is it?


12 31

Dan Kelly


oh my god. how do I start. Such a crazy freakity groovy time. oh wow. wait. i mean..oh man

12 thoughts on “um…


  1. alan 5 years ago

    I am glad to hear you are still alive!

  2. mjd 5 years ago

    Happy to read a blog update though. Means Dan is up to ‘things’.

  3. El Combo Pasa 5 years ago

    Dan you are awesome

  4. trav 5 years ago

    dan you provide the tales from the front line that some over articulate, loose cross-referencing & analytically pseudo-emotional messandnoise blokes just cant.

  5. Bobby Dazzler 5 years ago

    you are the most underrated, talented mofo in australia – All of your albums are just amazing – cannot wait for fresh DK genius.

  6. Me 5 years ago

    Sorry I missed the Canberra show – good to here they ran out of beer

  7. OnceIWasALion 5 years ago

    Whatever genre, whatever styleee, your amazing song writing abilities will shine through…Can’t wait to hear it! Hope you’re good man…

  8. Penny 5 years ago

    Labrador/ Southport RSL. The roast ain’t bain-marie and the karaoke is First Class. Cantonese and Mandarin Top 40 unavailable, however. I know because we asked. It’s a goldmine!

  9. C 5 years ago

    Def FX?
    Are you hinting at a potential cover of “Psychoactive Summer” on your new album? : )

  10. Tim in London 5 years ago

    Fuck em. Make your record not their record….And then come and play over here in the UK sans “Dad”.

  11. JD 5 years ago

    If you can come and play a show in Sydney I can guarantee at least 6 people to come along. How many more would you need confirmations from to ensure this can go ahead? My 10 year old sons favoutire Dan Kelly song is drunk on election night. Surprise surprise. Hope all is well.

  12. KittyP 5 years ago

    Im trying to work out Dan Kelly. haha I reconnected with you last night while you were on stage in brisbane. Is reconnected to much? haha whilst you were playing I was thinking about all the times I have seen you play on stage with Paul and nerver sing anything than back up vi\ocals except for maybe once, Im thinking you and the alpha males played support on year?? Im having a hard time trying to remember. I was hoping that at one point in the show they, paul and Neil were going to give you the chance to burst out in song and cover one of theres.
    Im losing track here, Im actually still really excited that I got to reconnect with you again. Anyway I found this site while I was in the carpark trying to escape the fueld polution that captures in underground carpark. My phone battery died….. I jumped online when I got home and stayed up way to late catching up on the last few years of your life. I met you once at an after concert signing in Brisbane, I was with my mum, and she said she met you again at an after show signing in Dublin. Im getting away from my curiosity again. haha
    From your blogs Im trying to determine are you vegan or vegiterian? or do you just enjoy a whole lot of leguims?
    Your age?? Silly I know but I cant help my self. Im thinking late 30’s early 40’s?
    And…. are you single?? :P hahaha ladies like to know these things.
    So sorry about the ramblings on, I hope it gives you a smile at least and not a disgruntled screwed up face. And if I was wealthy Id have you playing a private gig for my family and friends. Just to get up close and personal.
    take care x