We spend about five hours loading gear in, setting up amps. putting a squillion guitars and pedals out for possible use , positioning mics and making the mother of all keyboard cages for Dallas. Now to plug stuff in.
First we realise that the cool solar power setup is about enough juice to charge my mac and pay a small stereo. But we suspected this so on goes the Generator, albeit a lot earlier than i had hoped.
Then we realise that the generator doesn’t seem to quite be able to power up the monitor speakers for Burke’s set up either.
This is more of a problem, but unsure whether it might just be a blown speaker we call up Dallas and Indra who are coming tomorrow and organise some new monitor speakers.
The we realise that the electricity has an insistent mosquito like hum that ebbs and flows in time perfectly with the gasps and surges of our little generator.
This is definitely an issue
I spend the next two hours on the phone to friends and electricity stores trying to figure out how to cut the hum. To get phone reception i have to stand on a hill as the first of the antarctic winds and hail of our spring chill start to hammer down.
I go inside to put on extra clothes, gloves. scarf and tracksuit pants under my stovepipes.
No one seems to have any good ideas.
We try pulling the earth pin out of a power board but no dice. Though it is a bit exciting .
I start to panic about how much money i’m going to waste if i cant record here.
Dave suggests i call Paul Martin, Augie March’s mixer,Driver,loader and Guru.
He suggests i get a bigger generator then run straight into it to avoid the dirty power of the house.
Good idea.
Then i ring generator companies and realise that to rent a big one for two weeks would cost about the whole budget of the record again.
By now it’s midnight. We have the big meeting where i make plans to send dave home to his kid and tell the others to stay in Melbourne while Burke and i sort this out.
Fuck it.
Then i actually have my own technical idea.
We can just plug straight into our generator and bypass the house system altogether. I should have realised this hours ago.
We get a long lead and stash the genie 50 meters away behind a water tank and plug her in.
It still hums.
Then i turn off the solar power battery even though we are not connected to it.
Aha. This is better, but still not totally quiet.
Then we plug in the earth removed power board and i stand in a certain part of the house while holding my guitar on a certain angle and Voila!
Audio silence.
As long as i don’t move for the next two weeks everything should be cool.
But every time Burke turns another knick knack on the generator surges then slows and the lights dim a bit.
We still need a bigger generator.
I text Joan up at the main house.
Um, this isn’t part of the deal but do you have a massive generator you can lend us for free for two weeks?
It’s 1 am though so we’ll see in the morning.
I head up to the loft to sleep on it.
Sweet times indeed.


Dan Kelly


oh my god. how do I start. Such a crazy freakity groovy time. oh wow. wait. i mean..oh man