Hi folks

I’ve been on tour in America and the UK for a while with my Uncle who also writes songs. I locked myself out of my own website and was too lazy and confused to fix it. But now i have! I am officially back into it.

Today i’m in Seattle.

Chief Seattle!

I just got pushed on the street by a crack dealer for walking too slowly. I was wearing a hipster douche jumper ( Jumpster?) so he also called me a ‘faggot’. Then i had a terrible coffee. I usually couldn’t care less about coffee it’s not something i whinge about often. But this one tasted like burnt asphalt and bile. Urghh .

So Seattle is ruling right now

Time to get some Heroin and listen to some Grunge i think.


What an odd word.

here is some German Heroin i found on the net

i wonder what this all means?

and here is the ‘Grunge’

TAD! i am always in the mood for it

But seriously folks i don’t really want any Heroin i’m just stereotyping the city .

I  actually feel like some Ginger Nectar from Byron Bay as it makes me feel healthier and you don’t die as much from it

yup this is what Charlie Parker was really into

I think Jumpster is a cool word i just invented it!

the new Toro Y moi album gave Eduardo such an insane erection he had to pull his Jumpster down over it and leave the club

10 25

Dan Kelly


oh my god. how do I start. Such a crazy freakity groovy time. oh wow. wait. i mean..oh man

10 thoughts on “Seattle Jumpster Partay!


  1. Jacqui 6 years ago

    I find you amusing! And also amusing that I am wearing flannel. How appropriate.

  2. Hazel 6 years ago

    Hahaha made my morning.xxxxxx

  3. Andrew 6 years ago

    When I asked a US friend where to get good coffee in Seattle, she said “that’s easy, Starbucks is everywhere!”.

    1. Dan Kelly 6 years ago

      There’s one over the road with a Clover machine. It’s like the coffee equivalent of a vaporiser. Might have to have a bang on that this morning

  4. Roger 6 years ago

    Enjoyed last night’s show tremendously. Looking forward to another great round of songs from you and your uncle tonight. Also hoping to hear you perform one from your latest record.

  5. C. 6 years ago

    Just got back from Melbourne, I understand your problem in finding a good coffee elsewhere.
    Stay off the Horse, milk and sugar won’t fix the flavour!

  6. Wayne 6 years ago

    Awesome show with your uncle tonight, thanks for coming to Portland. You buggers made me homesick. By the way, can’t get that bloody bindie song out of my head, thanks!

  7. Shayno 6 years ago

    As Wayne said, thanks for the Portland show. It was fantastic. I think a few of us felt a little closer to home. Safe travels, mate. I hope you had fun. Sorry to hear part of your Seattle stay was shitty. There are self-entitled tossers everywhere…