Today we’re driving Portland to Seattle then flying Seattle -Lax then soon heading home to Melbourne, Australia.

Portland was rad and i managed to scream out  Bicycle rights ! at a few hapless dudes as we drove into town

After almost five weeks in the States i’ve started to instinctively look the right way when crossing the road, also learned how to tip again and even have a basic layout of your typical Wholefoods in my head for quick reference. These useful life lessons will soon be forgotten under the relentless blaze of the Australian sun. See below for what a typical morning in Australia holds for me

Typical Brunswick day for me

I went to do some laps in the hotel pool this morning but they put the lane rope across the pool instead of along it. Leaving me just about two body lengths to lap and kick turn. After four hundred of these i’d swum only 70 meters and vomited on the side of the pool from dizziness.

We might stop at Mt St Helen’s on the way. I was totally fascinated with this as a kid and used to sit on our thunderbox reading the National Geographic special with photos of it bulging and then exploding all over Washington State.

Rick Santorum Nature Reservation 2017

Check out this fantastic song by Melbourne ex band St Helens

check it

After that adventure it’s just lots of flying over the Pacific Ocean. I have the ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ series with me to pass the time. I’m usually more of a Jean Genet type but the Tyrian Lannister ‘sex midget with a powerful mind’ character is a big draw and strikes me as having a kind of Melburnian countenance.

how i see myself at the ARIA awards

The trick to conquering jet lag is complicated but here are my latest theories

*Don’t drink booze on the plane. Booze is for the start of long trips anyway. Return trips are more sombre affairs usually as you come home to pick up the pieces of your pointless life

how i used to see plane trips

*Don’t eat Egg products on the plane. They kind of plasticize inside you and your body makes you stay awake for a week in the vain hope of digesting them

bad idea! stop!

* Schedule your flight to arrive in the morning. Go out for some light exercise in the sun . Swimming is good because the Vitamin D gets in through the back of your knees which is the most permeable skin on the human body after nether regions and these are hard to expose and prone to sunburn.

get some rays onto your Rick Sartorius muscles!

* Stay up til 9pm at least and then take some Melatonin and try to make it through til 6am.

* Repeat the next day.


On the way i stopped off at the grave of my astral messiah Jimi Hendrix. It was bleak there and i felt pretty bummed out.  Especially hated on his evil manager Mike Jeffery who’s hopefully on an eternal spit roast

Ok i’m off now see you on the other side

this bozo has me by the balls for the next 16 hours

12 39

Dan Kelly


oh my god. how do I start. Such a crazy freakity groovy time. oh wow. wait. i mean..oh man

12 thoughts on “Jetlag tips and sadness for Jimi again


  1. Shayne 6 years ago

    Loving the blog man! Keep it coming. You’re hair is awesomely out of control, I’m very jealous! Any updates on the new record and the vinyl release of Dan Kelly’s Dream?

  2. Dan Kelly 6 years ago

    Thanks Shane. Dk Dream on Vinyl is maybe just a dream. I ran out of cash. Hopefully one day :(
    The new record continues as i head into the studio tomorrow in East Brunswick to do some bad Lou Reed impressions and maraca overdubs.

  3. PP Don 6 years ago

    Yes, Dan Kelly, your blog is güd beanz. Keep it up!

  4. Nick 6 years ago

    Brunswick certainly is a modern, bustling metropolis. We don’t have a schoolhouse or railway line, let alone a hotel over in Kensington. But spear fishing from the ‘nong does us just fine, as long as the kids from footscray aren’t throwing rocks at us across the river. New record sounds exciting Dan, keep us posted.

  5. C. 6 years ago

    Pity about the vinyl Dan, but your Uncle hasn’t been on plastic for quite some time either. Maybe you should team up for a double vinyl release!
    Mmmmm, double Kelly aural pleasure… ; )

  6. sarah 6 years ago

    I have just purchased the new” vinyl art “frames – would love some new vinyl to put on the wall – and to listen to on the 1987 Marantz three in one!

  7. Jean 6 years ago

    Just another vote for the vinyl. Oh, and I’m working on getting you all a Nashville date, so good to know you have a plan in place for your intra-oceanic adventures in intrepidness, whatever that phrase may mean.

    Was just doing taxes and listening to Dream, which seems a contradiction in terms, but felt the need for some bolstering. Hopefully you were able to visit the Hendrix museum while out west, I hear it’s more or less made out of dollar bills, perhaps there’s a muse which could help on the hit singles. Not that you won’t always be Elvis to us. (I don’t mean bloated and dead on a toilet, in case you were wondering.) Always good to hear your dulcet tones, – A Fan

  8. Crazyhorse 6 years ago

    Good to hear from you again old bean – keep up the updates nad hope the new record is shaping up to be a doozy like the others :)

  9. Fuggly 5 years ago

    Dan, are you taking credit for the Morwell River embankment next to Yallourn?

    1. Dan Kelly 5 years ago

      don’t tell the cops

  10. jacinta 5 years ago

    Thank you for listening to me gush the other day. Cheers to normal, understandable ECG’s

  11. Suzanne 5 years ago

    Will you be playing Dublin again this August with Paul?