On a small island off Western Samoa, (Sa ‘Sacred’ and Moa “chicken’ in the local parlance)… a lone ukulele chimes under the cries of starving seagulls, beyond the crash of surf on the bleached reef, factory ships scour the ocean floors.

Meanwhile on the beach three voices croon in sweet harmony, an island chorus, “As the sun sets, sing along, a simple tunes for cultures burned and gone….”

It is the ghost of Elvis, with two young Hollywood starlets? Is it Enrique Iglesias holidaying with two soulful Russian tennis players? No! Its Dan Kelly and The Ukeladies!!!!!!

With the planet in peril, Dan Kelly has taken time off recording his third album to team up with Melbourne’s premier faux Hawaiian duo, The Ukeladies, to release The SUV Song, which is available as a free download from October 11th.

A timely ode to the sinking Samoan and Tuvaluan women as they resignedly gurgle insults at Westerners pottering about in their supersize automobiles, The SUV Song is another skewed, witty, sweetly melodic and bleak song from the pen of the man who brought us “Drunk On Election Night’ and the award winning LP Drowning In The Fountain Of Youth.

The SUV Song floats onto the airwaves this month, featuring possibly the world’s first ever mobile phone feedback solo, performed by the Ukeladies in true tropical Armageddon style. This ground breaking tele-communictaion experiment combined with their dreamy vocals and Dan’s crooning falsetto make for a match made in tropical heaven.

The summer winds will blow Dan Kelly and The Ukeladies around the country for a string of headline shows and a number of shows supporting Augie March, through October and November.

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Dan Kelly


oh my god. how do I start. Such a crazy freakity groovy time. oh wow. wait. i mean..oh man