A big week ahead as myself and band are supporting Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks in Sydney and Melbourne. Then i got a solo show in Young, NSW on Friday night. Then another solo show at a benefit in Lorne on Sunday. After a month douching about trying to mix my record it will be a welcome change to actually play some music. Stephen Malkmus is kind of my no 1 guitar hero and all round genius inventor of my favourite music for the last 20 years so it’s an honour and slightly terrifying . I have spent more time de- Malkmus-ing my songs than i have writing them. Though sometimes i fail. Hopefully he doesn’t throw a guitar at me.

sweet Malkmus medieval space boogie action

the shows ws are Good God, Sydney Wed 4, Gasometer Melbourne Thurs 5 then the solo show at Art of Espresso, Friday 6. I will have a long lonely drive ┬áto Young on Friday morning in my trusty old Tarago. So come along if you are a beautiful stockman’s daughter or a beautiful stockman and recite some Bush Poetry for me and i’ll give you a free ill fitting t shirt from my redundant merch supply. What a deal

yours dank

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Dan Kelly


oh my god. how do I start. Such a crazy freakity groovy time. oh wow. wait. i mean..oh man