It’s April all of a sudden.

On completing my retro blog of the recording with the band i figured i could continue retro blogging and never catch up with my own life.

Or hit the MONTAGE button and bring us up to date in a series of mini montage blogs.

I think this is a better option.

What was meant to be 8 more days tracking in Daylesford followed by two weeks mixing in Sydney followed by a blissful christmas period off resting on my laurels turned into a three and a half month trip to the bottom of my soul and to London and back.

I changed studios three times.

I learnt how to use two types of computer based recording programs (protools and logic)

I ran out of time to finish it with Bourke and finished it with A ron Cupples in London

I spent three weeks in a mud brick studio in Brunswick

I rewrote the lyrics to half the record

re-sung every song twice (sometimes thrice)

changed the tempo of half the tracks with the electrical confusion rays of my mind

sang 2 000 vocal harmonies

had a total stress attack that lasted almost three months

went on tour as a three piece with Kitty Daisy and Lewis and felt ridiculously inappropriate, but tried hard

lost 8 kilos (pretty stoked about that one actually)

did a gig that was meant to be a sneak preview of the record but i mostly talked a lot and played old songs

had 4,357 conversations with my manager

bored the shit out of all my friends and ruined my relationship

London has changed me...

and i’m still not finished!

(but very close now. i’m just working on the track listing and the art)

and the single ‘Bindi Irwin Apocalypse Jam ‘ is out today

so yay.

more on how all this happened tomorrow…….

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2 thoughts on “fast forward blog # 1. What just happened to the last 4 months? Who am i?


  1. Bones 8 years ago

    schweet I can comment now. There. I just did. This album better be a coherent journey. Or maybe one can justify its disjointedness as authentically replicating a nonsensical dream. I’d prefer some sort of joiny thread, otherwise its just a compilation, mun, and that’s not music mun that’s not even ten pin bowling.