After learning the hard way about recording digital music on the whims of generator, we settle into a routine. Three hours  tracking, then refuel the generator, a snack, watch some Tim and Eric, then tracking again.

some special tim and eric for you

Today then every two days  henceforth we’ll need to make the trip into Daylesford for more petrol. The fuel cans both leak out of the top so we can’t fill them up more than three quarters and have to elaborately jam them into place in the boot with a combination of bricks, amp cases and occ. straps lest they fall over on one of the dirt road turns out of the property.
Indra’s little machine does the first trip and we blast Black Flag and Manahan Street band out of his tinny speakers.
Neither of us are great with directions so there are a lot of late corners taken at Indra speed as we realise we’re about to miss every turnoff. As a result the car is reeking of petrol by the time we get back. I get the feeling I’m gonna smell like this for two weeks.

indra negotiating local traffic

We try three songs today. The Decommissioner, Grown up Solutions and Toll Driving on February 5.
Toll Driving is up first and the band settles into a kind of groove that wouldn’t be out  of place on an early seventies Stones or Faces record. It sounds great and we all relax and try and get a good take down. I start to feel a bit weird about my kind of zany middle aged brisbanite theme on this one, as it might be more suited to a straight up Junior Murvin falsetto about crossing the Red Sea on a Jet Ski.

Junior warming up for red sea crossing

I file that away till later and just concentrate on trying to play like JJ Cale.
We have a good take by 1pm and dave does a little dance so i think thats a good sign.
The Decommissioner is my jaunty song about an indie band that goes on tour blowing up coal fire power stations. I expect to get in trouble for this song but nobody ever really pays attention to lyrics anyway unless they’re about love being like the wild inner feelings of rabbits and foxes. So i’m not to worried. I don’t think it’s actually illegal coz i’m not the guy in the song. But i should get my Lawyer uncle Tony to look that shit up before I put the record out.
We track this one forever as we again struggle with slow versus fast, click track versus no click. My radar for this stuff is strangely scrambled and we bash on into the night like the Kinks being led by a confused public servant. We finally settle on a good one with no click track( more on that later, ahem) and i go to bed with the sound crickets in my head.
Grown Up Solutions will have to wait for tomorrow. I’ve been putting them off for years anyway.



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