After a fitful sleep where i dream of doing the record on a nature strip in Northcote with a tape recorder, i wake to the blissful sound of Joan and Russel driving up to the house towing a trailer sporting a very large generator.
I make porridge as Burke and Dave hide the generator behind a large water tank and start running leads into our little bed and breakfast.
Dallas and Indra rock up at midday and I stop stressing out as i’m too distracted by their general enthusiasm and large collection of TIM AND ERIC clips.
Another 4 hours building amp rooms and tuning the drums and it’s time for dinner.
I make a lentil and tomato soup with fenugreek, testing out recipe that Joan had mentioned this morning.
It’s good!
But um we should make some music now that i’ve calmed down.
Tonight we are trying ‘West Coast Fishing Incident’
I’m looking for a¬† sound somewhere between King Sunny Ade, Corner Shop and Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson.
However tempo issues rear their ugly head for the first and, i suspect, not last time.
The guitars sound great when the song is fast, but my multi layered lyrical attack seems a bit crammed and un-funky.
We try some takes with the click track, some without, some without a big Surf Stratocaster sound, and some with a little plinky parlour guitar.
Some fast, some slow. (But strangely none in between, more on that later)
We finally settle on a take about midnight.
But a little sick feeling in my tum makes me think i might be having a crack at this one again.
I hate that feeling, i get it often.
i need to meditate like David Lynch, or just be better at everything.
I have stopped drinking so i can’t make it go away the traditional way.
The generator runs out while we are having a break, Burke screaming ‘Apple S!’ frantically¬† and we are plunged into darkness.