Welcome to my album Blog Peoples.
My goal is to have one genius album recorded, mixed and out by early next year. I have a cast of new playaz, being,

Indra Adams on Bass,who plays in Ground Components and books lots of venues  in Melbs and can make great Sri Lankan food and has a lot of energy.

Dale Packard on keys, also of the Ground Components and also plays Sax for Architecture in Helsinki and Catcall and tour manages Midnight Juggernauts and also has lots energy but less than Indra.

Dave Williams who drums for Augie March and also has a surfeit of Energy.

and recording the lot will be Burke Reid from sydney who has recently done the Drones, Jack Ladder, Mess Hall and most importantly, the TUCKER b’s

We just did 8 days straight rehearsal at Sound Park in Northcote, trying to work out what the fuck i played on my garageband demos, and then not play that exactly anyways, or there wouldn’t be much point doing it again.

I’M looking for a more sixties, nigerian indie, highway 61 -revisited -for-retarded -children kind of sound on this one.  Good luck to me. It will probably end up sounding like Paul Kelly on acid again.

DAY ONE: Morning!

I get up at six in the morning to go shopping for band food at the Footscray markets.
Lots of grains and legumes for body and brain strength! The vegetable aisles go a ways toward cooling my already racing brain.

Last night at Joe’s bar i farewelled my compadre and general life co producer A Ron Cupples  back to LONDON where he fled in 1997 after i made him record and  mix ‘Drowning in the Fountain of Youth’  for a year in a sheep shed.

I realise i am alone now on the slippery scree of autistic endeavour.

By 9 am i have loaded 12 guitars, 4 amps, three synths and 21 guitar pedals into my uncle’s small camry, then i drive to Sound Park and meet a chipper and be-shorted Dave where we must load the ridiculously heavy seventies key boards (RHODES, YAMAHA 345). Dave has been struggling to start Dale’s van but thankfully it is now spluttering in the corner of the carpark waiting for us to stuff it with our worn and stenciled rock phalli.

We are on the western highway by 11.

I’m listening to a Doors live tape that i found under the car seat. Not gonna talk about the Doors at all.

Our destination is a little house in Yandoit east of Daylesford that is rented out as a holiday shack which sits on the beautiful property of Joan and Russel. The property is filled with massive and tiny iron sculptures.
We arrive and Burke greets us with his Beard.

I have a feeling this blog is going to become a lot more succinct.

Stay tuned for Day one: Afternoon!


Dan Kelly


oh my god. how do I start. Such a crazy freakity groovy time. oh wow. wait. i mean..oh man