To Sydney

I’m looking forward to the show next Fri 26th in Sydney at the Newtown Social Club.. It’s drizzly here in North Fitzroy and i can here the little garfish in Clovelly Bay calling me to frolic with them. Really cool fish in a school, very medieval stylee like a quiver of English arrows on the way to land in Mel Gibson’s helmet.

They can swim between my legs like the weird looking red head dude in the Eurogliders film clip for We Will Together.

Emotional Beach Music

Ugh the eighties was intense and scary if you were actually there the first time. So many horn stabs and synth pads

Chances are i will be frolicking under a pool table somewhere on King Street with ringing ears after the show but i still like to know the Garfish are there. To celebrate getting my scuba certificate at PRO DIVE COOGEE


a few months ago i’ve decided on a tropical/ coral reef theme for the stage. Anyone who wears a mask and snorkel will get a free vodka tonic from me. This offer is capped at 4 people or i’ll be broke.

If you wear a horse head and come in a wheelchair you get three vodkas

se big night out for the horsey

See youse there.