Dan Kelly, purveyor of emotional psychedelic dystopian comedy and social satire teams up with Ben Salter – mystical, forthright, deep and charming; a modern folk hero – for a double headline tour of New Zealand this July. For the ages.

Dan will charm your all five senses (all of them) by singing tunes from his sensibly sought after Coastal Mind Epic™ ‘Leisure Panic’ plus anything else you request from his extensive back catalogue.

Ben will play songs from last year’s magnificent, critically adulated and psychically attenuated ‘The Stars My Destination’ LP, plus his old stuff, plus popular classics from The Inkspots, Edward Elgar and Bobby Darin.

They may also play a few tracks together.

This will be an adventure akin to the great fantasy epics from Tolkein to Peake to Iain M Banks. If you come w̶e̶ they will sing and dance and play guitar for you and do drum machines too.

Here’s the dates for you.
July 2016
Wed 13 – Okarito Kayaks with Robert Scott (The Clean/The Bats)
Thu 14 – Wunderbar Lyttelton
Fri 15 – Wanaka Gin & Raspberry
Sat 16 – Hilltop Tavern, Little River
Tue 19 -Barrytown Hall
Wed 20 Nelson, East St Cafe
Thu 21 – Wellington,Meow
Fri 22 – Auckland,Golden Dawn
Sat 23 – Auckland, Whammy Bar with Tourettes

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.42.53 pm

Single and Video and Tour!

Hey friends i have done a new video for a new single ‘Never Stop the Rot’. it’s a jaunt around the world as is my wont and features some fabulous green screen adventures put together by the mysterious director Sunny Leunig. It also stars the Dream Band doing some radical exercise moves and the fabulous Phoebe Taylor from the Steve Miller Band (SMB) lending some actual charisma to my smiley confusion vibe. i like it a lot! Also Dave looks like an awesome alternative lifestyle exercise/peyote freak. See below

Also i’m doing a run of shows in October to launch the new record Leisure Panic! out on ABC Records

here they are

Oct 17 Saints and Sailors, Port Arlington, Vic

Oct 22 Grace Emily Hotel, Adelaide Solo with Wireheads

Oct 23 Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane with Ben Ely

Oct 24 Good God, Sydney with Ben Ely

Oct 31 Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne with Ben Ely and Total Giovanni Djs

check my shows/tour page for ticketing links

Stoked to have Regurgitator’s Ben Ely doing a bunch of the shows plus the fabulous Jess Ribeiro and Total Giovanni DJs in  Melbourne and the excellent Wireheads in Adelaide.

more supports announced soon!

We are keen to make every night a party as it’s been like forever

Even though i have a more grey templed George Clooney vibe at the moment i feel tremendously vigorous and intend to play all types of music for you all

yours Dank

Dan Kelly_Leisure Panic!_packshot

New Album Leisure Panic Out October 9

Hi all.

The new record comes out on October 9 and it’s called ‘Leisure Panic’. It’s like an interactive travelogue of my life over the last few years and runs for about 49 minutes. It’s a mixture of solo stuff, band stuff and stuff i’ve done with Aaron Cupples, my old sonic enforcer from Dalston. I wanted to make a shorter record but i figure if i made people wait 5 years they can handle 12 new songs. Hope so anyway. There’s some fast ones, slow ones and a few medium pacers. There’s even five whole minutes where i don’t sing a word. This is groundbreaking stuff for me. I’m shooting a video for the single “Never Stop the Rot’ today with my friend Sunny Leunig so i’ll spend the rest of the morning trying on various clothing in search of the right combo to wear whilst riding a virtual motorcycle through the desert. We already have some great footage of the band in jogging gear doing various stretches and psychedelic warmup moves. i possibly may just use these shots as watching myself on screen horrifies me. But i’ll see how i go today. Maybe i’ll have a late onset blossoming of acting skills and put in a stellar performance. The words ‘stellar’ and ‘stunning’ are heavily used in film reviews i’ve noticed. As is ‘amazing’ which is kind of the catch word of this generation. I personally like ‘fabulous’ and ‘groovy’, though i know this dates me somewhat. With this introductory blog i pledge to give myself permission to shine and re enter the world of internet communications after a significant period of time as a cyber hermit. New shows will be announced shortly and an exciting range of new merchandise too. Hmm probably just a t-shirt actually but it will be a good one. Au Revoir . DK

To Sydney

I’m looking forward to the show next Fri 26th in Sydney at the Newtown Social Club.. It’s drizzly here in North Fitzroy and i can here the little garfish in Clovelly Bay calling me to frolic with them. Really cool fish in a school, very medieval stylee like a quiver of English arrows on the way to land in Mel Gibson’s helmet.

They can swim between my legs like the weird looking red head dude in the Eurogliders film clip for We Will Together.

Emotional Beach Music

Ugh the eighties was intense and scary if you were actually there the first time. So many horn stabs and synth pads

Chances are i will be frolicking under a pool table somewhere on King Street with ringing ears after the show but i still like to know the Garfish are there. To celebrate getting my scuba certificate at PRO DIVE COOGEE


a few months ago i’ve decided on a tropical/ coral reef theme for the stage. Anyone who wears a mask and snorkel will get a free vodka tonic from me. This offer is capped at 4 people or i’ll be broke.

If you wear a horse head and come in a wheelchair you get three vodkas

se big night out for the horsey

See youse there.


Dugongs of Soweto

I’m back on tour with Pk. Since the Paul Kelly/Neil Finn tour finished we have done Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland,Southhampton, London, Glasgow, Dublin, Santa Barbara, San Diego, LA, Denver, Salt Lake City and San Francisco. I’ve been doing the supoort shows with my trusty drum machine and it’s been going quite well except for the last one where i got nervous and rambled for almost the entire set and couldn’t play the guitar very well. Tonight it’s Portland, Oregon the ex home of Stephen Malkmus my favourite guitarist of the modern era along with Gaz from the Drones.

it’s amazing what google will find you with one click

Now i should pop Gaz in i suppose

this move is called ‘ TET OFFENSIVE, January 30, 1968’

any way where was i?  Portland?

Yes. I’m gonna go guitar pedal shopping today at a famous Portland pedal shop i can’t remember the name of.  I’m looking for something that emulates the sound of sea creatures for a new song i’m working on with Dan Luscombe called ‘Dugongs of Soweto’.

Apologies about all the Drones name dropping. One thread led to the other and it’s looks like i’m desparately searching for credibility which of course i am but wouldn’t be as crass as to do it in such an obvious way. But i also know Fi and Mike and their sound guy Ryan too.

Anyway ‘Dugongs of Soweto’ is quite a beautiful lyric about Craig McDermott the Australian fast bowler from the eighties who has a dream about Dugongs in the clouds above Soweto. He get’s the whole dream tableaux bedazzled into his cricket whites at a 24 hour roadside drive through sewing establishment to remind other  cricketers of the power of imagination and the growing gap between the rich and the poor. With these powers the world was saved during the eighties and nothing bad ever happened afterwards. That last bit isn’t in the song but just giving you the back story


Dugongs of Soweto (Kelly/Luscombe)

the floating dugongs and their gravitating glasses weeping down onto the slums the rubber tyres burning in the night

they graze the clouds in bovine packs they are all hunting for celestial seagrass waving in the  wind streams of the bantu mind

a dream scenario that popped into the cranium of Craig as he was driving to a cricket camp in Crescent Heights

he’s thought a thousand thoughts before this vision stopped him in his tracks he watched a  highway tailor sew it to his whites

Behind the man McDermott’s eyes, the dugongs of Soweto, Soweto, Soweto…..



between the wickets runs a stream of silver sandwiches progressing toward the total as the switcher switches on the lights

illuminated once again Craig takes the form of lioness he stretches in the outfield in his dugong altered dress

Behind the man McDermott’s eyes, the dugongs of Soweto, Soweto, Soweto…..

etc etc





So in the absence of any guitars pedals that can emulate the sound of Craig pounding up the grass from the Vulture St end and delivering another thunderbolt at the hapless poms i’ll settle for a pedal that sounds like Dugongs grazing and calling to each other. Do Dugongs make a noise? Let’s ask Mr Google….

ah yes, apparently quite dog- like, check this link out

i have a bunch of underwater themed songs so i feel it’s a pedal that’s been missing from my armory

Here’s a picture of me after recently being underwater at Los Banos del Mar outdoor pool in Santa Barbara. Hi Mum!







I’m on tour with the big Paul Kelly/ Neil Finn adventure.

So far so good. Neil’s playing a lot of piano and organ, so i get to do a bunch of classic Neil Finn/Crowded House/Split Enz stuff on guitar.

I’ve had worse jobs. I’m using a lot of vibrato to get a kind of eighties new wave sound

This pedal contains the sexiest vibrato ever. You can sound like the Cure or The Edge or The XX or Steve Malkmus even

this is like internet porn for guitar players

anyway we are doing a bunch of mega shows to thousands of people. It takes a while for me to adjust to this kind of thing because i usually talk my way into a good show, not just stand there and play. But obviously it’s not my gig so i just hide behind my hair. There’s a fine line between being unassuming hair guy and looking like you’re posing. So i try and smile to no one in particular and do the odd uncoordinated move so people find me heart warming rather than fucked. I tripped over my wah pedal and almost fell over in front of Neil’s piano during a ballad last week. The sort of move that endears you to the haterz.

This is me working on my self effacing look today after i woke up in my insane hotel room deep inside the Toaster at Circular Quay

trying to look indie

Today i’m at a winery in Armidale. We have seven hours to kill before the show and the hills look like they are full of magic mushrooms. I’ve got PK to lock me in an empty band room until the gig starts.

Just to be safe. Otherwise i get experimental on mushrooms and sometimes retain fluid, giving me a puffy semi gothic vibe

Here’s a shot from the Palais last week after a fungal mishap

this was during 'Better be Home Soon'


I have been travelling a lot.

Searching for ideas and kicks. The new record is mostly about girls and boys in exotic locations.

Primarily the Gold Coast. Which is tres exotic as you all know

so pretty

Apparently if a cyclone ever hits the Gold Coast they are toast. And the footy teams are struggling. So it feels like edge city to me right now. Ripe for some good old Lou Reed style rock exposé. I know Gaslight Radio have written quit poetically about the Gold Coast ( see ‘Tina from Robina’ etc) but hey, i did my time rehearsing at the back of Burleigh too. Got out of there as soon as i could.


I know it’s taking a long time. I’ve gone from minimal to opus and now i’m heading back to minimal

It feels a little silly to be hanging out in Melbourne seeing a bunch of tremendously entertaining and uncluttered bands ( Dick Diver, Full Ugly, Twerps, Batpiss etc)

King of Melbourne

and then busting out a mega tooled prog epic again

Dan Kelly

not that i care what the folks think :)

And by the time this fucker actually comes out everyone will probably be sounding like Def FX again anyway

anyway that’s not much of a blog is it?


Jetlag tips and sadness for Jimi again

Today we’re driving Portland to Seattle then flying Seattle -Lax then soon heading home to Melbourne, Australia.

Portland was rad and i managed to scream out  Bicycle rights ! at a few hapless dudes as we drove into town

After almost five weeks in the States i’ve started to instinctively look the right way when crossing the road, also learned how to tip again and even have a basic layout of your typical Wholefoods in my head for quick reference. These useful life lessons will soon be forgotten under the relentless blaze of the Australian sun. See below for what a typical morning in Australia holds for me

Typical Brunswick day for me

I went to do some laps in the hotel pool this morning but they put the lane rope across the pool instead of along it. Leaving me just about two body lengths to lap and kick turn. After four hundred of these i’d swum only 70 meters and vomited on the side of the pool from dizziness.

We might stop at Mt St Helen’s on the way. I was totally fascinated with this as a kid and used to sit on our thunderbox reading the National Geographic special with photos of it bulging and then exploding all over Washington State.

Rick Santorum Nature Reservation 2017

Check out this fantastic song by Melbourne ex band St Helens

check it

After that adventure it’s just lots of flying over the Pacific Ocean. I have the ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ series with me to pass the time. I’m usually more of a Jean Genet type but the Tyrian Lannister ‘sex midget with a powerful mind’ character is a big draw and strikes me as having a kind of Melburnian countenance.

how i see myself at the ARIA awards

The trick to conquering jet lag is complicated but here are my latest theories

*Don’t drink booze on the plane. Booze is for the start of long trips anyway. Return trips are more sombre affairs usually as you come home to pick up the pieces of your pointless life

how i used to see plane trips

*Don’t eat Egg products on the plane. They kind of plasticize inside you and your body makes you stay awake for a week in the vain hope of digesting them

bad idea! stop!

* Schedule your flight to arrive in the morning. Go out for some light exercise in the sun . Swimming is good because the Vitamin D gets in through the back of your knees which is the most permeable skin on the human body after nether regions and these are hard to expose and prone to sunburn.

get some rays onto your Rick Sartorius muscles!

* Stay up til 9pm at least and then take some Melatonin and try to make it through til 6am.

* Repeat the next day.


On the way i stopped off at the grave of my astral messiah Jimi Hendrix. It was bleak there and i felt pretty bummed out.  Especially hated on his evil manager Mike Jeffery who’s hopefully on an eternal spit roast

Ok i’m off now see you on the other side

this bozo has me by the balls for the next 16 hours