Wow the record is actually finished and out this Friday

It seemed to take a long time

I think the next one will be simple Haikus with Jews Harp accompaniment

My new look

I fell off the blog the last couple of months coz i’ve been touring the Bindi single. It’s a blessing and a curse having a song so linked in with celebrity culture. On one hand you can get bogans to sing it in far flung places who wouldn’t usually even look at me without beating me up. And i got John Brumby too sing it too! On the other hand the dudes at MESS AND NOISE have probably lost all respect for me.


I have also been tied up learning photoshop as i couldnt really find anyone desperate or talented enough to do my record cover. So it was down to me an my trusty photographer mate Daniel Campbell.

After a few false starts i decided to borrow my friend Matt Kulesza’s (of Rat Vs Possum) Kaftan

Bratwurst Possum

and sit in a sewerage pipe in Werribee. It was a beautiful day and Werribee South turned out to be much more lovely and less polluted than i’d hoped.

where is this apocalypse then? dammit...

Eventually i found an outlet pipe and proceeded to strike my best camp african guitar poses for the camera. The result is uniquely me, i think.

I only had half that pipe and had to reverse myself and build the whole other side with bits of rock and leaves. Thats why i’m left handed all of a sudden. Then on the inside cover i surrounded myself with a halo of boat people and typhoons while suspended in the air above Mt Buller. That was fun. Now i know photoshop who wants an album cover done?

I specialize in iconic and silly styles.

So yeah it’s all done. I am working on the vinyl master and cover now so that should be out soon too!

Over the next few weeks i’m gonna blog explain all the album tracks. I will start wednesday with ‘The Decommissioner’, which is about blowing up Hazlewood power station with a hard on.

see you all then


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9 thoughts on “Catch Ups, Fruition and Sewerage Pipes


  1. A.roN 7 years ago

    Dank. I can’t find anything shit to say about your artwork. Nice one x

    1. admin 7 years ago

      really? my god. i dont know how to react. Joyness

  2. jodester 7 years ago

    Dan, I appreciate your efforts in photoshop! I have worked with photoshop since graphic repro as I knew it was combined, exposed and sent through the film processor one last time and the little mouse and keyboard became today’s reality. Great work on the cover and by making yourself left handed just makes it more beautiful. Fantastic!

  3. Janean Robinson 7 years ago

    Well that is the best dressed drain, Kaftan and album that I have experienced awhile. Thanks for sharing your dream Dan, it is much more than an album normally can do in a lifetime.

  4. Milo 7 years ago

    apparently im googling myspacing wikipediaing (who the hell is) “Dan Kelly” tonight because i saw the record cover in JB today
    what im trying to say? it’s great artwork!

  5. MJ 7 years ago

    Am totally loving the album It will be heavy rotation for quite a while. Looking forward to the future blog track breakdowns. Thanks for letting us into that unique mind that makes Dan Kelly Tick.

  6. Jules 7 years ago

    Artwork is fab, Dan. Thank f@@k for the clone stamp tool, eh? Thanks for the free tune.

  7. rosie 7 years ago

    Hi Dan, I thought the inspiration behind your kaftan could have been from your Dad and me

    Love Mum x x

  8. KittyP 5 years ago

    I just love how your Mum puts in her little comment. Something my Mum does to. :P Gotta love Mums.