Hi folks!

I took a year off blogging because i was sick of talking about myself.

Here’s some other stuff i did

I lived in London for a bit and wrote some tunes for the new record with the mysterious A Ron Cupples

Me on the way to the studio..

Smoked some hash in Amsterdam

so stoned my trademark Dan Kelly hair got all fucked up

Saw Polvo in Berlin

love these guys


Stayed above Swingers Cafe in LA and ate the fuck out of it

great food and the waitresses all call you Baby

Then i got home and hung out up the north coast for six weeks

lots of beautiful stilt walkers up here and some creepy Sydney real estate crew too

Got blazed and played cymbals with the Boredoms……

that's me with the hat on the left.

…also danced under a fig tree in a dress with a head full of rum to this tune by Oud Master John Berberian

strong look John!

I have a new sharehouse in Pascoe Vale Sth with a mega backyard so i spent my remaining 83 bucks on gardening tools

I did however manage to write some bitchin new tunes which i will play at the Tote on December 23. This is the promo bit


come along and give me a Thai massage pleaseĀ or a lawnmower

10 22

10 thoughts on “Return of the blog


  1. admin 6 years ago

    dude you are the most awesomest dude ever

  2. not-a-dude-after-all 6 years ago

    I agree with the above comment. I have downgraded my own dude rating to reflect the new dude limit.

  3. Leonie Simpson 6 years ago

    Ha ha haaaaaa!

  4. C. 6 years ago

    Great to hear you have some new tunes on the way.
    Whatever happened to “Dan Kelly’s Dream” on vinyl? We’re missing out on those warm tones…

  5. cobie 6 years ago

    Will you be in Sydney any time soon?

  6. Bear 6 years ago

    I’ve bought a Groupon voucher for dinner and gig at The Palais in Hepburn Springs anytime up until November – now I need you to play there to fulfill the plan – any chance?

  7. Crazyhorse 6 years ago

    I’m with C on the vinyl front but more importantly, when will you come back to the wilds of Brisbekhistan for shows? Is there any date or idea of when the new tunes will appear? You rock anyways and welcome back.

  8. jimi 6 years ago

    Hey Dan, When are you going to record aforementioned songs and release them?


  9. JD 6 years ago

    Missing those live and recorded sounds of D Kelly in Sydney! Hows about uploading a couple of demos onto the site for us to tide us over perhaps? Thanks a mill, :-)

    1. Dan Kelly 6 years ago

      yeah i’m working on that. Watch this space