The Band has returned, all rested up and bringing  stories of their gigs, apps and children to entertain myself and Burke with. We are hungry for city news. Burke’s beard is thickening and my Dan Kelly ™ hairstyle is starting to dread.  We greet the band twith the good news that some of the tracks sound great, then the bad news the a couple are gonna have to be re -done. They are stoic about it. I seem to be the only one mildly panicking, and i think that has more to do with my general demeanour at the moment, which resembles that of a spooked horse (with the head of a monkey).

What i look like mid week two

What i look like mid week two

A mild flu and fear of swallowing a bandaid has meant i have given up my morning struggle through the murk of ye olde castlemaine pool. Unfortunately that leaves more energy to turn inward onto my brain.  This kind of redirected sport energy may go a ways to explaining why a 60s country jam like Catholic Leader will end up with a metal versus ukelele solo in it, accompanied by latin percussion and cheering children. If i exercised more i suspect my songs would be simpler as my brain would be relaxed and content.

Writing songs after a swim!

instead up cluttered up with non exercised free radical nano thoughts….

writing songs after not exercising. Planning more harmonized solos,,,,,

A word on the cheering children. When i was starting to write and demo songs again, after a good two years of nothing, i discovered a sound effect on Garageband which consisted of a big group of kids saying YAY!.  These kids gave me confidence and i preceded to put them on every demo .Whenever i do a guitar solo or bust  a funny lyric the kids are there to cheer me on. So i have decided to put them either overtly or hidden onto every track of the new record. As a way of thanking them for their tireless enthusiasm. May i’ll get them a deal and they can do their own record thru K TEL. Burke does not know about this plan yet .

Here they are so you can dig them too. YAY!

And so we track on into the next couple of days. I dress up like Roy Orbison for the remake of CATHOLIC LEADERand we nail it the second time round. We struggle with BULLSEYE JONES, THE MAN IN MENTONE as i am asking Dave to play a really particular and silly drum pattern. I can be pretty anal with tracking, and strangely enough it really comes to the fore on songs where i’m trying to sound all happy go lucky . Irritating for drummers I am. But Dave soldiers on and eventually that is tracked and ready to sing falsetto all over. My love of falsetto started with a Skip James song ‘ Hard Time Killing Floor Blues’ that my uncle Paul sang for me one queensland christmas when i was 14. He was taught the song by Spencer Jones.   It is a haunting magical song and it blew my mind after a day of swimming and backyard cricket and gorging myself and freaking on my Joshua Tree tape that my american relatives had sent over. I have continued to wail away a the top of my range ever since.

Here is Skip doing another fabulous tune ‘Devil Got My Woman’. This was when he was rediscovered after 30 years and played Newport. People try to cover this song and always screw it up.

this is better than John Mayer

Talking falsetto I also like Curtis Mayfield, Desmond Dekker and ‘Emotional Rescue’ by the Rolling Stones .

Ultimate Dan Kelly song

anyways thats my retro blog for today.

Tomorrow..Bindi Irwin!

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