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Hi all.

The new record comes out on October 9 and it’s called ‘Leisure Panic’. It’s like an interactive travelogue of my life over the last few years and runs for about 49 minutes. It’s a mixture of solo stuff, band stuff and stuff i’ve done with Aaron Cupples, my old sonic enforcer from Dalston. I wanted to make a shorter record but i figure if i made people wait 5 years they can handle 12 new songs. Hope so anyway. There’s some fast ones, slow ones and a few medium pacers. There’s even five whole minutes where i don’t sing a word. This is groundbreaking stuff for me. I’m shooting a video for the single “Never Stop the Rot’ today with my friend Sunny Leunig so i’ll spend the rest of the morning trying on various clothing in search of the right combo to wear whilst riding a virtual motorcycle through the desert. We already have some great footage of the band in jogging gear doing various stretches and psychedelic warmup moves. i possibly may just use these shots as watching myself on screen horrifies me. But i’ll see how i go today. Maybe i’ll have a late onset blossoming of acting skills and put in a stellar performance. The words ‘stellar’ and ‘stunning’ are heavily used in film reviews i’ve noticed. As is ‘amazing’ which is kind of the catch word of this generation. I personally like ‘fabulous’ and ‘groovy’, though i know this dates me somewhat. With this introductory blog i pledge to give myself permission to shine and re enter the world of internet communications after a significant period of time as a cyber hermit. New shows will be announced shortly and an exciting range of new merchandise too. Hmm probably just a t-shirt actually but it will be a good one. Au Revoir . DK

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oh my god. how do I start. Such a crazy freakity groovy time. oh wow. wait. i mean..oh man

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  1. C. 2 years ago

    At last!
    Any options for signed CD’s or vinyl?